The One Stop Solution for Underfloor Heating
System Design

Heated Floors designs are based upon the “Nordic” or “fixed pipe work” method.  This method allows for the pipe to be set at optimum centres, typically 200mm.   The system output is then determined by setting the average flow temperature through the various floor components.  At Heated Floors, we believe that by installing more pipe than might be necessary, the benefit of a more responsive floor with an improved heat up time is achieved.

BS1264 guidelines are observed when preparing an underfloor heating design.  It is important to note that an underfloor heating system is designed to heat the room space not the floor.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide as much information as possible to aid design.  Good quality and current architects drawings, heat loss calculations, as well as details of the heat source being used and floor coverings will all assist our designers to create the most efficient underfloor heating system for your project.